Frequently asked Questions

How should I store DESI Vodka?

Room Temperature is the ideal scenario for a premium Vodka.

Is it really gluten free?

Yes. We don’t use any combination/blend/mash, which gives us greater control on flavor and solidifies the integrity of the ‘juice.’

Who is your distributor?

We have brought distribution 'in-house.' We are fully licensed in the State of IL, and looking to expand across the Midwest. EllaVin Distribution Skokie, IL.

Why don't you say how many times distilled?

We are not here to challenge other brands and their process, but a master distiller doesn’t have to tout a number to get taste & purity.  We have rewritten the rules on vodka being a neutral spirit.

Where can I buy it?

Our first year was focused on tastings, events, sponsorships, etc. We are now working to bring it to bars, restaurants, and stores in your area.

Don't see it on the shelf…or behind the bar?

Ask your favorite merchant to contact us and we'll make sure to deliver. You can also reach us via social media or direct referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions